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Drug Free Pain Relief

Looking for the best treatment for muscle aches and joint pains? Seeking non-opioid pain relief? Are you sore? Stiff? Experiencing muscle spasms? If you want to stop these symptoms without the use of opiates or prescription drugs, you might try Natural Escapes Peppermint & Menthol Cooling Cream. This product has been reported to provide effective relief to those suffering from a number of conditions.

Cooling Cream is one of the most trusted products to relieve symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, bunions, gout, soreness, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiffness, nerve pain, cramping, joint problems, and neuropathy.

In addition Cooling Cream can help skin conditions! Cooling Cream is an excellent treatment for shingles, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Its anti-viral and anti-fungal properties also alleviate symptoms associated with athlete’s foot!

Peppermint, Menthol and Camphor Cooling Cream is a safe, drug free treatment. The ingredients can cure and eradicate the symptoms of muscle pain, aches, and arthritis. This product can eliminate joint and muscle problems.

Cold, flu, and allergy symptoms can be effectively treated with Cooling Cream as well. When applied to the chest the soothing aromatic vapors are inhaled providing instant relief from sore throat and cough. Active camphor and menthol  ease bronchial irritation and provide an opening effect to blocked airways while acting as a cough suppressant.

In addition to providing relief from multiple deep tissue symptoms, the topical application process can treat skin fungus on the feet and elsewhere. Not only does the product relieve itching, it can actually get rid of fungus such as athlete's foot. Other skin conditions like cracked or dry skin can be relieved by the deep cooling/heating action of the moisturizing Peppermint, Menthol & Camphor Cooling Cream.

We all experience pain. This can be due to overexertion or from prolonged sitting or repetitive motion.  Sometimes getting out of bed is painful. This is due to being in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Maybe we have sore wrists from typing at a computer. Perhaps we are active and suffer from sore knees or tennis elbow. These conditions are caused by sore muscle or joint tissue from repetitive motion.

Research continues to demonstrate the dangers of using over the counter drugs or prescription drugs to treat these common problems. Many are concerned about addiction or dependence. Others are more concerned about doing damage to the digestive system. Prolonged use of pills have been known to create gastric distress.

Topical treatments offer a natural and drug-free alternative. To avoid opiates or prescription painkillers, creams and topical treatments can be equally as effective while avoiding dangerous side effects.  These treatments are applied directly to affected area and absorbed by the skin's natural cellular processes.

We have all been told to “ice” a sore joint. This icy feeling not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, the cold being applied relieves pain. Sometimes a trainer or Doctor might recommend alternating ice and heat. This hot effect can calm spasms and deeply relax tense muscles. Cooling Cream offers both of these effects in a portable, safe, convenient form. Upper back pain, lower back pain, middle back pain, shoulder pain and aches, neck twinges and pain, spasm, throbbing, stiffness, soreness of the knees, elbows, tendons, muscles, cold, flu and allergies can all be treated with Peppermint, Menthol & Camphor Cooling Cream. Short term and long term relief without side effects is available with this topical cream. Relieve inflammation and increase skin health.

If you care about your body, you are aware of what you put in it. You should also be aware of what you put on it. All of the ingredients in Peppermint, Menthol & Camphor Cooling Cream have their own benefits for your skin and body. The active ingredients in this cream can reduce or eliminate pain and irritation while improving skin condition and appearance. Welcome to a natural solution designed for healthy living!


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  • It IS all that is said about it. I have been suffering from a lower back injury combined with sciatica and sacroiliac pain that has been excruciatingly painful and debilitating. This cream is a lifesaver. Within minutes of application there is noticeable improvement. Husband had shoulder surgery and used this during recovery and therapy. Doctor said "keep using ". Added bonus: skin feels great!! Just ordered 2 more jars.

  • Purchased your cream through Amazon and I’m a believer!!! I suffer from fibromyalgia due to chronic lyme disease, and your product has helped me immensely. I rub it on before bed, and it releases some powerful “vibes” while I sleep! When stuffed up, I also rub a little under my nostrils. I just reordered! Thank you, thank you!!

    Cynthia Haskell
  • While looking through Amazon for a pain relieving cream, I came across your product. I suffer from fibromyalgia from chronic lyme disease, and all I can say is your cream is the best!!!

    Cynthia Haskell

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